LOOKING BACK - September 29 edition

Girls at Benn School in about 1951
Girls at Benn School in about 1951

Benn School

Thank you to Avis Rolph-Dickinson who has provided both our pictures this week. The one above is of girls at Benn School in Rugby about 1951.

Avis - who left the school at Easter in 1952 - thinks it looks like it was n’t the whole class.

Avis Loydall, as she was then, is in the very centre with the plaits, with Phyllis Goodenough next to her on the right of that middle row. Along the back were: (from left) Sheila Knee, Isabel Pringle, Jean Harris, Olive Mannering, Joan Benfield and Thelma Cox.

The front row (from left) were Clara Berry, Georgina Hart, Marion?, Mrs Foulds, Violet Betts, Lillian Chamberlain and Beryl Burton.

The school (now a children’s centre) was on the corner of Claremont Road and Craven Road and Avis remembers how they used to enjoy going to Lawson’s bakery opposite!