LOOKING BACK - September 5 edition

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Flower girls at St Matthew’s Infant School in Pennington Street

These little flower girls were pupils at St Matthew’s Infants School, in Pennington Street, Rugby in 1954

Each one was dressed to represent a flower and had to recite a short poem about her particular flower, such as bluebells, snowdrops, buttercups, daisies and daffodils. Lorraine Hardiman, who thought it might be interesting to Memory Lane readers, recalls that their mothers knitted their footwear out of dishcloth cotton.
She started at the school in 1954 but only stayed there just over one year before the family moved to Hillmorton. Lorraine Faulkner, as she was then, is on the far left of the front row. The other girls she remembers are (top left) Margaret Aspinall, (middle front) Maureen Brightwell and (second from right) Shirley Hutchings. Also in her class were Andrew Tranter, Stephen Wall and Nigel Dancy.

There were two first year classes. She can’t remember their teacher’s name, but the other was Miss Grant.

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