LOOKING BACK - September 6, 2018 edition

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Bilton Ajax

With the start of the junior football season this week, I thought you might enjoy these two pictures of Bilton Ajax footballers.

The black and white one above, I think dates from 1986 as our newspaper code on the back says it appeared in the Advertiser on May 22 and going through old calendars, in 1986 that was a Thursday!

Unfortunately there aren’t any names, but I hope this presentation night picture will bring back memories of a successful season for those Bilton Ajax Under 12s.

The colour picture of Bilton Ajax Under 13s is from July 1995.

They are (back from left) Manager Martin Stevens, K Squires, J Miller and A Ursell. (Front) L McGahey, B Stevens, D Calcomb and B Gregg.

Hope they enjoy seeing themselves 23 years on!