LOOKING BACK - September 7, 2017 edition

Harris School band in 1964
Harris School band in 1964

Harris School Band 1964 and Newbold Quarry 1976

We have Kevin Folwell to thank again for all this week’s pictures, starting with Harris School band in 1964.

Kevin can remember a few names, but no doubt Memory Lane readers will recognise a lot more.

He says the headmaster was Cyril Wellington and band leader was Ben Towel. The teacher in the picture was possibly Peter Piper.

Kevin is third from the right on the back row, next to Phil Sharman (fourth from right). One the very right end, next to the drum, is Andrew Green. Sixth from left on the back row is John Linley.

In the middle row he can only remember the girl wearing the white headband, who is Wendy Mapplebeck.

On the front row second from left is Dave Cashmore, third from left Dave Hine, third from right Bernadette Wagg and on the far right end is John Line.


These three images are keen angler Kevin’s amazing pictures of Newbold Quarry in the long hot summer of 1976, when hardly any rain fell from February to September and the water level dropped 50 feet. It’s never looked like this again in 40 years.