Paddox School football team 1953

editorial image

The first picture in our new-look Memory Lane section belongs to Mike Linnell of Elsee Road, who is the goalkeeper with the ball on the back row.

These footballing boys were the Paddox School XI in 1953.

On the back row (from left) were: Graham Howard, Peter Flavell, David Gare, Michael Linnell, David Patterson, Geoff Norris and Peter Bibb. (Front row) Tony Harrison, Peter Forster, David Howling, Peter Hobbs, Ian Elliott and Paul Wain.

I am in urgent need of some more pictures, if anyone can help please! They can be from any era , even as recent as the 1980s and early 1990s .

If you’re able to jot down the basic details, such as the subject, year, where it was taken and as many names as you can remember that’s always a big help.

Please bring them in to me at the Advertiser and if I’m here I’ll copy them while you wait and you won’t have to leave them.