The caretaker and the theatre

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Dolly’s ‘stars’

Thanks to Iris Edwards for alerting us to a connection between two photographs we published in Memory Lane last month.
It turns out that Fred Bradford, pictured in our February 28 edition on his last day as caretaker at Northlands School, was a great supporter of Rugby Theatre - whose 1973 performance of The Yeomen of the Guard was the subject of another picture the same week week. Iris, a long-standing theatre member, said: “During the early days, we booked rehearsal rooms around Rugby, and Northlands was a popular venue. Fred and his wife Polly were big supporters of the theatre, and during breaks in rehearsals, Dolly often arrived with tea and snacks for her ‘theatre stars’. She always enjoyed the chat and being part of it.”
Pictured are Brian Edwards, Crissalin Loader, Warwick Back, Dolly Bradford and Mary Oliver and three unknowns. Do you know who they are? Get in touch.