The Strip Club that’s clothed in music

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A HOST of singers, bands and DJs will be getting together for this year’s Strip Club summer extravaganza.

The music event will take place on Saturday at the St Thomas’s Cross pub near Newton starting at 2pm when there will be live performances from singer/songwriter Kit, and new bands Different Minds and Logic and Faith.

There will also be a DJ set by DJ Freq and an evening show with the Mutineers, White Men Can’t Funk, Audio Narcotics and Go Lazarus, from Nuneaton. All the bands are playing free, so entry is free. Donations will be gratefully received for the British Lung Foundation. Organiser Steve Bryan said: “This is our eighth year of free concerts which have raised several thousand pounds for various charities over this time. You will not be disappointed with the line up which promises some of the best music we have had to date. Thanks go to Mr Richard Smith of the Cross for hosting the event.”