Thriller is a winner for Rugby Theatre

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RUGBY Theatre is one of the few amateur set-ups in the country to have secured the rights to perform an award-winning comedy.

The 39 Steps, which won the Olivier Award for Best New Comedy in 2007, has been impressing audiences in the West End over the last few years and it is now coming to Rugby Theatre from February 5 to 12.

The 39 Steps is adapted by Patrick Barlow from the novel by John Buchan and the Alfred Hitchcock film.

Hero Richard Hannay, a stiff upper lipped, all-round good egg is an innocent victim of double-crossing secret agents and stunningly beautiful women.

Yet he single-handedly prevents top secret information from falling into enemy hands.

A spokesman for Rugby Theatre said: “The 39 Steps is an affectionate, fast moving and hilarious spiffing spoof of the Alfred Hitchcock 1935 cinema classic.

“Rugby Theatre is one of the few amateur theatres in the country to have secured the rights to perform this wonderful comedy which is still wowing audiences in the West End.”

The production has a strong cast of Rugby Theatre regulars, headed by Howard Scott Walker as Richard Hannay.

Simon Burne, Neil Morgan and Tracy Seymour all play multiple characters, making for wonderful entertainment.

The show will run nightly at the Henry Street theatre at 7.30pm with tickets costing £9.50. Concessions available.

For tickets call: (01788) 541234.