£10 compost bins for Rugby residents at Hunters Lane

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Residents of Warwickshire can now buy reduced priced

compost bins from the Reuse Shops at the Household Waste

Recycling Centre across the County.

It is hoped that the

330 litre compost bins, sold for £10 for the first two bins

and £15 for any further bins, will encourage residents of

Warwickshire to start composting at home.

The scheme is run with the assistance of the charity run

reuse shops based at the Recycling Centres which receive a

small donation to their charity for each bin sold.

The reuse shops support local charities through the sale of

goods donated to the shop and are an excellent way to

reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

A waste analysis carried out earlier in 2013 showed that

households in Warwickshire were throwing away 1,200 tonnes

of waste in their grey wheelie bins rather than using their

green wheelie bin or composting at home.

This costs the tax payer £96,000 a year to dispose of this

waste at landfill. It is estimated that each compost bin

will divert 150kg of waste a year, each saving £12 on waste

disposal costs each year.

Councillor Jeff Clarke, Portfolio Holder for the

Environment said: “Home composting is a win-win. It reduces the amount of

methane release from landfill site when the waste

decomposes; saves on waste disposal costs; provides the

home composter with a fantastic, free soil conditioner for

their garden and the charity benefits from each bin sold.”

For more information on the scheme or home composting

please contact Warwickshire County Council’s Waste

Management Team on 01926 412724 or go to


The bins are available from the following sites:

· Lower House Farm Recycling Centre, Baddesley Ensor,

Atherstone reuse shop run by Warwickshire Community


· Hunters Lane Recycling Centre, Rugby reuse shop run by

Age UK Warwickshire

· Stockton Recycling Centre, Rugby reuse shop run by

Warwickshire Community Recycling

· Princes Drive Recycling Centre, Leamington Spa reuse shop

run by Sue Ryder Care

· Cherry Orchard Recycling Centre, Pipers Lane, Kenilworth

reuse shop run by Warwickshire Community Recycling

· Wellesbourne Recycling Centre, Loxley Road, Wellesbourne

reuse shop run by Warwickshire Community Recycling

· Burton Farm Recycling Centre, Bishopton,

Stratford-upon-Avon reuse shop run by Shakespeare Hospice

· Shipston Recycling Centre, Brailes Road, Shipston reuse

shop run by Warwickshire Community Recycling

· Second Chance reuse shop at Weddington Terrace, Nuneaton,

run by Second Chance.