12 marathons in 12 months goes stateside

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A man running 12 marathons in 12 months to help disadvantaged communities in Uganda has just completed the New York marathon.

Hillmorton man Andrew O’Brien’s gruelling charity challenge is raising money for Kiwoko Hospital via the ISIS Foundation. Kiwoko is a rural hospital that helps children with AIDs and malnutrition who have no means of paying for their treatment other than by charity donations.

After beginning the challenge earlier this year, Andrew is still in good spirits: “Training has been going well. I had to take a break because of flu but I’m now much better.

“With nights drawing in, opening hours for my local park are shorter so I’m running on harder pavements but so far it’s not caused any issues.”

“Last year’s event was thwarted by Sandy so I feel very lucky to have got a place this year.”

Speaking about the trip to Uganda that inspired him, Andrew said: “Ugandans are some of the warmest and most friendly people I’ve ever met, full of infectious joy and energy – despite the many challenges and obstacles they face. The challenge is aimed at giving them something back.” Support Andrew via his website, 12in12forisis.com.