20 schools in Rugby hit by strike action

Industrial action was taken by teachers on Tuesday.
Industrial action was taken by teachers on Tuesday.

Strike action led to 20 school in and around Rugby shutting this week after a row over pay, pensions and workloads.

The action, by members of the UK’s two biggest teaching unions, effected 2,500 schools nationally and in Rugby included Rugby High, Bilton School, Harris, Avon Valley and many primary schools.

Martin McMahon, Warwickshire NUT divisional secretary said: “My message to parents is to support us. Schools won’t be able to attract the best graduates if we aren’t prepared to pay them properly, and £22,000 simply isn’t enough. The government has also raided £46bn-worth of pensions – they, and our students, need to learn that this theft, although legal, is wrong.

“If the government wants to save money then why not clamp down on the billions of pounds of tax avoidence in the UK? The only outcome from what they’re doing now is a poorer education system.”

The news split opinion in Rugby with some accusing teachers of double standards. Paula Goodwin commented via the Advertiser’s Facebook page: “Teachers strike when they like, yet we are not aloud to take our kids out of school if we need to. It’s one rule for them and one rule for another.”