£3.5 million crematorium plan for neighbouring councils

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PLANS for a new £3.5 million crematorium on the outskirts of Rugby have moved a step closer.

The Crematorium Joint Committee will now be set up between Rugby Borough Council (RBC) and Daventry District Council (DDC) to explore the options of building a crematorium in Onley Lane.

RBC’s crematorium and task finish group, which has already discovered there is a sound business case for the development, recommended to cabinet on Monday that a joint committee should be set up between the two councils.

It was agreed that the committee would consist of four members, two from each authority.

The full business plan that has been created for the Rugby and Daventry Crematorium has outlined that it will cost around £3.460 million and should return a total of £240,000 a year once it’s fully established.

As well as the crematorium there are also plans for a cemetery next to it.

A need was identified for a crematorium in the area so Rugby people won’t have to travel to neighbouring towns.