£350k fundraising campaign to replace ageing Hillmorton Road church hall

Rugby United Reformed Church
Rugby United Reformed Church

Rugby United Reformed Church has started a campaign to raise £350,000 to replace an ageing community hall which is used by 350 people from a variety of groups every week.

The hall, located on Hillmorton Road, was built shortly after the Second World War as a temporary structure to house youth groups but has come to be used by people of all ages.

Jenny Martin, fundraising co-ordinator for Rugby United Reformed Church, said: “The building has now reached the end of its useful life and has no insulation, the windows and doors no longer fit properly making security difficult and it desperately needs new toilets and plumbing.

“The building barely complies with Ofsted regulations and has no disabled access or facilities and is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain.

“It is very expensive to run due to lack of insulation, is very hot in summer due to the lack of insulation and the inability to open windows and is very cold in the winter.

“Following advice from professionals it was decided to replace the worn-out building with one which has up-to-date insulation, efficient heating, and to take advantage of modern building methods and solar energy making it cost-effective and leaving a legacy for future generations to meet on the site.”

The campaign, which has raised between £100,000 and £150,000, has the support of councillors from Warwickshire County Council and Rugby Borough Council.

Originally, the group planned to demolish the hall and begin building a replacement in the summer of this year - that has been delayed until sufficient funds are raised.

A variety of fundraising efforts are being undertaken, including a craft fair at the church on Saturday November 18 from 10am to 3pm.

Rugby Beaver leader Sean Loddick is running two half-marathons to raise funds - to donate visit goo.gl/YvNjon