A bogus air ambulance collectors warning from Warwickshire Trading Standards

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WARWICKSHIRE County Council Trading Standards Service is warning residents to beware of bogus air ambulance door to door collections.

The service has received complaints from residents concerning the delivery of clothing collection bags that display an air ambulance, but which does not appear to be associated with the air ambulance charity.

Collections are due to take place on Thursday and the collectors, who have been running away if challenged, are showing very poor and smudged ID badges.

Warwickshire Trading Standards advise the following:

Many charities now ask householders for old clothes and other items, which can be sold for charitable purposes.

However, not everyone who comes to your home, or drops in a plastic bag is operating on behalf of a charity. Some collectors will be businesses, asking for unwanted items which can be sold for profit.

If householders want to ensure that their donations are going to a genuine charitable cause, they should always look for the charity number which should be printed on the flyer or collection bag. Alternatively they can give direct to charity shops or use clothing banks instead.

To check if a charity name or number is genuine, visit the Charity Commission website at www.charity-commission.gov.uk

For Trading Standards information, please visit www.warwickshire.gov.uk/tradingstandards.