A masterclass of a true masterpiece

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STEVEN Berkoff’s adaptation of Franz Kafka’s masterpiece, The Trial, has become a classic work of 20th-century theatre and a widely studied piece.

Kafka’s universal parable about the human condition is retold in Berkoff’s play, which Blackeyed Theatre brings to the Royal Spa Centre in Leamington on Saturday March 31. The story follows Josef K, an estranged and rootless citizen, who becomes a victim of anonymous governing forces that are beyond his control.

Deceived by authoritarian power, he is relentlessly hunted down for a crime that remains nameless. Finding himself arrested and awaiting trial, K sinks deeper and deeper as he tries to escape through twists and turns that are at once shocking, thrilling and funny.

The Stage said of this particular performance: “Choreographed with the precision of a metronome, Blackeyed Theatre’s production of Steven Berkoff’s play engages and fascinates...in a masterclass of ensemble work.”

For tickets call (01926) 334418 or email boxoffice@warwickdc.gov.uk.