A retirer’s destination of choice

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SPAIN’S popularity as a retirement destination for Brits reigns on with Taylor Wimpey de España.

Nearly a fifth of all their buyers choose the Iberian nation to live out their retirement in the balmy Mediterranean sunshine joining the 400,000 expats who already live in Spain according to recent research from FindaProperty.com.

Spain has been voted the number one retirement destination on a number of occasions, most recently in a survey by Standard Life compiled at the end of 2010.

This was backed up by Aon Consulting who surveyed 7,500 of its employees on where they would most like to retire to and they emerged with the same conclusion - Spain is the best place in the world for retirement.

But what is it about Spain that attracts this market’?

It isn’t just people of retirement age who love Spain, it tops the polls for holiday destinations as well.

Certainly the weather is a major factor in people’s decision making coupled with fresh fruit and vegetables and the Mediterranean Sea, Spain offers a very healthy lifestyle and diet to its residents.

Health is without a doubt of great importance to this age group and Spain has an excellent healthcare system, although many overseas residents choose private healthcare to skip the queues.

With the average life expectancy in Spain being 81 and over, they must be doing something right.