Action urged on Rugby gyratory safety

Councillors have called for urgent action at an accident black spot following another car crash there.

Monday, 31st October 2016, 10:59 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 3:30 pm
Noreen New, Neil Sandison and Bill Lewis survey the scene

A car hit the railings outside Rugby Methodist Church on Rugby’s gyratory system at around 10pm the Friday before last.

The collision left the railings severed and buckled and pushed them across onto the footpath. Thankfully, the driver was unhurt and there were no pedestrians passing at the time of the collision.

Last week’s crash follows a similar incident in March 2014, before improvement works to the gyratory system.

Despite protests from local councillors and members of the church, the railings along the footpath were removed during the improvement works. And it was only thanks to further protests from Rugby Borough councillors and members of Rugby Methodist Church congregation that Warwickshire County Council agreed to reinstate the railings on safety grounds.

But in light of Friday’s accident and a similar incident in March this year, protesters are now calling for a crash barrier to be erected at the site.

They say that if the vehicle had left the road on Friday night just a few metres sooner, where the barriers are of the temporary plastic type, then it probably would have gone on to crash into the church.

Lib Dem borough councillors Neil Sandison, Noreen New and Bill Lewis want the county council not only to replace the two missing sections of railings but also to install a vehicle safety crash barrier and hazard warning chevrons.

Cllr Sandison (Eastlands Ward) said: “This is the second collision this year which has damaged the railings and which the county has failed to repair despite our requests and promises to do so.

“Warwickshire County Council now need to take urgent action to improve this accident black spot.”

Cllr Lewis (Rokeby & Overslade Ward) said: “Even before the county spent considerable amounts of public money on ‘improving’ this traffic pinch- point, collisions there were a frequent problem that we had highlighted to the county council.”

Cllr New (Paddox Ward), added: “The speed that motorists take this corner is far too high.

“The reduction in vehicle speed once traffic lights were installed promised by the county council has not materialised.

“Drivers need to be encouraged to slow down to navigate this corner or someone will be seriously injured.”