Actress battles illness in effort to be Miss England

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MISS Rugby winner Rebecca Morton is fighting a serious kidney infection so she can represent the town in the next stage of the beauty competition.

She was rushed to hospital recently after her mother found her unconscious on her bedroom floor.

After a week on a drip, in and out of consciousness and many tests the doctors broke the news to Rebecca.

The test results concluded Rebecca had a serious kidney infection which has caused one kidney to crystalise and no longer function.

Rebecca, 24, said: “All I remember is coming in and out of consciousness briefly before they broke the news to me.

“The doctor told me I would be out of work for at least a month as I needed to give my body rest and time to heal and that the gym was out the question until I was on the road to recovery.”

After winning the popular Miss Rugby competition, Rebecca has now gained entry into the Miss England National Final next month and is in with a chance of winning a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to represent England in Miss World.

Rebecca added: “I’m not better yet.

“I got taken to the hospital again at the weekend after passing out and being sick.

“I now have a virus due to my immune system running low from only having one functioning kidney so I’m still feeling very weak.”

She said the worst part of her condition is not being in control of her body.

“Passing out to find myself on the floor being sick is horrible, especially when I try to lift myself up only to pass out again.”

She added: “I think for me that’s definitely the worst part of it.”

Five feet ten inches, size 12 Rebecca, who has a BA Honours in Theatre and Dance, currently works as an actress and model.

She is a plus size model and has a contract with Hughes Models in London, appearing in a number of adverts and television programmes.

Rebecca is now hoping to build up her fitness levels for the boot camp next month and is determined to be fit enough for boot camp next month. She added: “It would not simply be a honour to represent my country, but also the curvier women of England.”