Acupuncturist helps with fertility issues

People with fertility issues are invited to try an alternative treatment in Bilton.

Monday, 21st November 2016, 10:42 am
Updated Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 11:06 am

Acupuncturist Anne Barnard said she has helped eight women conceive this year alone, with help from her ‘magic’ needles.

Tiny hair like needles are placed in the head, hands, arms, feet, lower legs and lower abdomen.

Anne said: “Some of the ladies had polycystic ovary syndrome, some were not ovulating after years of being on the pill and undergoing IVF and others had unexplained infertility.

“Any issue from a Chinese medicine perspective is considered to be a disorder of Qi (or vital energy). The acupuncture aims to put the body back into balance, to create a perfect environment for conception.”

She also takes diet and lifestyle into consideration.

“I take time to explain how the Chinese look at food and why it’s important to nourish ourselves properly,” said Anne, who has a first class honours degree in traditional acupuncture and is a Marisa Peer trained hypnotherapist.

“The hypnotherapy is particularly helpful in cases where fertility is unexplained, and in secondary infertility as it replaces negative, destructive thought patterns with new positive beliefs.

She treats men with issues too.

“An initial course of five treatments a week apart is the norm, then we can space them out a bit, maybe fortnightly, then monthly,” added Anne.

“It’s not a miracle quick fix, most ladies need around eight - ten treatments.”

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