Additional services offered by Rugby Borough Council for residents affected by tornado

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RUGBY Borough Council is offering further support to residents affected by Wednesday’s tornado.

On Monday the council will visit the affected area to remove debris left on the kerbside for collection, such as fence panels, garden furniture, tree branches and roof tiles.

This will allow residents some time over the weekend to take stock of the damage they may have suffered and begin to tidy up their homes and gardens. Affected residents will receive a leaflet today (Thursday) or tomorrow (Saturday) explaining how they can use this additional council service.

The cleanup operation will only remove debris caused by the tornado, and no other items left for collection will be removed.

Additional street cleansing operations will also be scheduled into these areas on Monday, and residents are asked to try to avoid parking on the roads to enable an intensive mechanical sweep of the area.

Many householders will still be assessing the damage caused and if they have not already done so should make contact with their household insurance company for advice.

The council’s Housing service has received many calls from its tenants in the affected area and most essential repairs have already been completed. The immediate focus has been to ensure tenants are safe, secure and that their homes are weather-proof. The next phase of the recovery operation will see repairs to fencing and other cosmetic damage.

The streets that will benefit from the free debris recovery service are:

•Adams Street

•Armstrong Close

•Bilton Road (between Buchannan Road and Westfield Road)

•Bloxham Gardens

•Buchannan Rd


•Campbell Street

•Charles Street

•Clarenece Road

•Glebe Crescent

•Dunchurch Road (between Harris School field and Staunton Road)

•Elmore Road

•Greenhill Road

•Haig Court

•Lawford Road (between Seabrook Avenue and New Street)

•Maple Gardens

•Mellish Court

•Mellish Road

•New Street

•Oakfield Road

•Sandy Lane

•Seabrooke Avenue

•Staunton Road

•Webb Ellis Road

•Wentworth Road

•Westfield Road

•Westbourne Grove

•Victoria Street