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Sunday, 3rd March 2019, 6:36 am
Updated Sunday, 3rd March 2019, 6:45 am
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February 28, 1919

Wife desertion - Olive Wheatley applied for a separation and maintenance order against her husband Edwin. They had married on December 23, 1916 and had one child. Last Christmas Eve she received a letter from her husband, who was working away from the town, stating that he should not return to her. In the letter he said if she would promise not to follow or try and trace him he would pay her £2 a week, otherwise he would make her sue him and she would only get £1. The order was granted for £2 a week.

February 28, 1969

An eleventh hour reprieve was given to Rugby’s outdoor swimming pool at Avon Mill on Tuesday night after the Town Council had heard from the Ministry of Housing and Local Government that it was unlikely that loan sanction would be granted for the new Thornfield sports centre and swimming pool before 1970/71. After hearing that last season’s operating deficiency was £2,396 the Parks, Cemeteries and Baths Committee had recommended that the pool should be closed permanently. During the summer there were only more than 300 people at the pool on 18 occasions.

February 24, 1994

Services will be protected from cuts in the coming year as county councillors have dipped into their reserves. All parties on Warwickshire County Council agreed to spend right up to the Government limits and set a £288 million budget - that makes up £523 of the £599 average council tax bills in Rugby to be confirmed on Tuesday.