From the Advertiser archives - March 8, 2018 edition

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Saturday, 10th March 2018, 6:46 am

March 9, 1918

Share your Advertiser with others: It is a very unusual experience in the history of a local newspaper to have to stem the tide of an increasing circulation, but owing to further drastic reductions in the weight of paper they are allowed by the Government to purchase, it is impossible to satisfy the increasing demand. The Advertiser will assist by re-purchasing papers, brought to our office on Saturday mornings, at a penny each and this way it should still be possible for a great many to peruse the paper at no extra cost.

# I love this 1918 archive, which reassures readers that it goes very much against the grain of the proprietors of the Advertiser that they are rationing the supplies sent out to their agents. But, it says, it does not follow that the actual number of readers be reduced. On the contrary we do not wish our friends to sever their association with their favourite journal altogether. It will be quite possible and easy for relatives or neighbours to arrange to make one copy serve two or more households. Ths is a system which The Times (London) proposes to force upon patrons. They intimate that in such an event they will only supply those people who will agree to share their copies with others.

March 8, 1968

Mr Edwin Dytham of Dunchurch Road, Rugby retires as bandmaster of the Rugby Citadel Salvation army Band after 24 years. His son, Mr Terence Dytham, will take over the baton to become the third member of the family to be bandmaster. The band, which has been to the Channel Islands and undertaken two continental tours, was the first British band to visit Denmark after the second world war. Mr Dytham served for five years on the International Music Board of the Salvation Army.

March 4, 1993

There is one virtual guarantee about the rail freight terminal debate - there will be no start on the project in the next 12 months. But the campaign to stop it ever getting off the drawing board reaches a crucial point next Wednesday night when a vote is taken on whether to make room for it in the Daventry district local plan. Crick parish chairman John Duffin predicts a close vote, and lobbying of the committee is underway.