From the Advertiser archives - March 9, 2017 edition

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Saturday, 11th March 2017, 8:00 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:51 am

March 10, 1917

On Friday evening last week, as a goods train at Willoughby Station was being shunted from the down main line to the siding, a wagon became derailed at the points and was pushed by the engine about 80 yards. Damage was done to the platform and also to the siding and rolling stock. The down main was also blocked and all traffic was worked on up the main between Willoughby and Rugby. A breakdown gang from Woodford cleared the wreckage and ordinary working was resumed after several hours.

March 10, 1967

A committee of eight Withybrook parishioners was formed at the annual parish meeting in a bid to save Withybrook Church of England School from closing at Easter, 1968. Mr A Gray, clerk to the parish council,said it was fairly obvious that builders were going to turn their eyes towards Withybrook and when this happened the village would need a school more than ever. If the school closed children would have to go to Monks Kirby and Mr Gray claimed it was unfair on those whose parents did not have cars.

March 5, 1992

Charge capping and the chaos of rebilling would have been avoided if all local services were controlled at Rugby, claims Tory council leader Gordon Collett. Rugby council spending plans - about ten per cent of the poll tax bill - have been set on government guidelines while county councillors went £7million over their target in an effort to protect services. Poll tax bills of £321 will be issued for the Rugby town area from April, a rise of 15 per cent on this year.