From the Advertiser archives - November 16, 2017 edition

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Thursday, 16th November 2017, 9:14 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:24 pm

November 17, 1917

The payment of Wroth Silver: This ancient custom was duly observed on Monday morning last before sunrising at the usual spot on Knightlow Hill. A small assemblage of 20-30 was strangely in contrast with the large crowds of people who in pre-war years found their way to there to witness the proceedings. The falling off was attributable to the exigencies of the War, the petrol restrictions and so forth and not lack of interest.

November 17, 1967

Mystery surrounds the erection of about 225 floodlights around some of the masts on Rugby Radio Station. The strip lights have been installed near the top of 12-foot high poles around the masts, which are linked with a recently re-opened transmitter which will enable the Navy to fit submarines with teleprinters. The GPO headquarters spokesman said: “We have our own good reasons for installing the floodlights. I cannot say any more.”

November 12, 1992

It might have been raining - but that didn’t stop a centuries old tradition from continuing in a quiet field in the early hours of yesterday morning. As commuters rushed to work on the busy A45, a few yards away on Knightlow Hill, between Ryton and Stretton, cries of ‘Wroth Silver’ rang out into the dawn. A representative of each parish in the Hundred of Knightlow came forward and threw pennies into the base of an old Anglo-Saxon cross.