From the Advertiser archives - October 25, 2018 edition

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Saturday, 27th October 2018, 9:02 am

October 26, 1918

Notes on saving no.11: When you get a parcel, untie the string, don’t cut it. Keep both string and paper. Save all clean newspaper. You can sell what you cannot use. Make spills to save matches. Even in summer they are useful in the kitchen. Never throw away an unbroken bottle. The chemist needs medicine bottles, the fruiterer needs jam-jars and fruit bottles. The Marine store dealer, the Rag and Bone Man wants empty tins, as well as rags and bones. Save them and sell to him. They will be used for making Munitions.

October 25, 1968

Talks which have been going on behind closed doors about the future of St Mary’s maternity hospital at Harborough Magna may be brought into the open following a letter which reveals a suggested closure by the end of March next year. Possibilities facing St Mary’s are the removal of maternity beds to St Cross, transfer to the new Walsgrave Hospital or removal to Nuneaton. Discussions have already taken place at the Birmingham Regional Hospital Board and their planning committee is now faced with making a decision.

October 21, 1993

Rugby Lions star winger Eddie Saunders has scored more first class tries than any other player in the game today. Eddie’s tally of 222 leaves England’s Rory Underwood trailing in his wake with 199. In hot pursuit are Bath’s Tony Swift with 204 and Bridgend’s Glen Webb on 217. But unlike the country’s other leading try-scorers, Eddie, 32, is still waiting for international recognition. He knew nothing of his feat before the announcement at Saturday’s match.