ADVERTISER STAMP APPEAL: Floods of stamps - and more wanted

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THOUSANDS of stamps have been donated by kind-hearted Advertiser readers since we launched our charity campaign.

In last week’s Advertiser we asked readers to help make a difference to the lives of people suffering from poverty and illness by donating their used stamps to us.

Since then stamps have been flooding through the doors of our office.

One donation of particular interest was a box containing stamps from all around the world collected over a number of years.

Stamps like these could fetch a lot of money at auction, therefore helping to raise even more money for charity.

Before our official Stamp Appeal campaign launch, we had already collected around 6,000 from readers.

These will enable Oxfam to buy a pair of goats which would mean a family in Mozambique could escape poverty by producing milk and other items to sell at market.

Although the stamps donated during the last week have not yet been counted, we think that we must be well on our way now to collected 9,500 stamps - which when handed over to Oxfam, could be enough to buy a cow to supply a poverty-stricken community with milk.

Proceeds from the Advertiser Stamp Appeal will also support people living with illness in this country through charity Leukaemia Care.

We want everyone in the town to be involved in the campaign, so please save your stamps.

Used stamps from any year and any country can all be dropped off at the Rugby Advertiser office at 2 Albert Street, Rugby, CV21 2RS.

For more information, or if you are the owner of the old stamp collection box donated to us, please call Alice Dyer on (01788) 539969.