Advice for boaters on fire safety at Crick Marina

Firefighters were on site throughout the day
Firefighters were on site throughout the day

Boaters have been learning about the particular dangers they face from fire.

Crick Marina and Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service a Boat Fire Safety Day last Monday (April 21). Around 270 boats throughout the year are moored at the the marina, which one of the most popular in the country and home to the annual Crick Boat Show & Waterways Festival.

Firefighters were on site throughout the day with a fire tender, information boards, literature, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and provided a range of information and advice on boat fire safety to those moored in the marina.

Boat owners were also offered the chance to have a personal boat fire safety visit from officers on the day and ten took up the opportunity. At the end of each visit smoke and carbon monoxide detectors were provided along with fire safety literature and emergency contact details.

Crick Marina harbour master Noel Roberts said: “As a former firefighter I am very keen on developing good community relations with our local fire and rescue service, not only for such events as these, but also to ensure good planning is in place should we ever need them in an emergency. This was the second such event and we already have a further one planned for August”.

Lizzie Richmond, a boat owner at Crick Marina, said: “Awareness days like this are very important in the boating community and I’m really pleased that Crick Marina organises these types of events for us in with the fire and rescue service. Fire, smoke and carbon monoxide are real dangers for boat owners but by following some simple guidelines these risks are significantly reduced.”