After 36 years, the chips are finally down for Carlos

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A PORTION of fish and chips cost just 50p when local fryer Carlos Michael started working in the trade in 1974 at the tender age of 14.

Over the years Carlos, 51, from the Paddox Fish Bar, has cooked and served more fish and chip dinners to the people of Rugby than he can remember.

Now after more than 36 years in the business he had decided to take off his apron for good to start his retirement.

Carlos and his family moved to the area in the early 1970s and have been running fish and chip shops in Rugby ever since.

The family are probably best known from the Jolly Fryer in Hillmorton Road.

Carlos took over the Jolly Fryer from 1978 and two years ago they were given planning permission to move to a larger premises on the same parade of shops in Hillmorton Road where it remains today.

When the business moved it was given a ‘sleek and contemporary facelift’ and renamed as the Paddox Fish Bar.

Carlos said: “Fish and chips have been a huge part of our lives for me and my family for such a long time.

“Since a young teenager I have helped my parents run fish and chip businesses and my children have gone on to help me run my shop too.

“The Paddox Fish Bar really has been a family business in every sense of the word and it felt very strange frying my last portion of chips on Monday.

“We’ve met a lot of lovely people over the years and have lots of loyal customers who are more like friends.”

As a final thank you Carlos spent his last weekend treating his customers to a special offer of buy one get one free on fish and chips.

Carlos, his wife Vicky and their children thanked all the people who have supported them over the years.

Carlos served his last portion of fish and chips on Monday this week and said a fond farewell to the shop and customers.

A family from Newmarket will take over the Paddox Fish Bar.

They have also been in the fish and chip trade for many years.