Agent’s top tips before splashing out on a pool

Sam Funnell
Sam Funnell
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Few extras say “home luxury” more than a private pool to dive into.

This is according to Sam Funnell, from Fine & Country Rugby.

Here are his tips on what to think about when you’re ready for a paddle.

Sam said: “Will adding a swimming pool to your property add value to your home?

“Some say pools are a maintenance issue that potential buyers may shy away from, while others argue that they are perceived as an added benefit, especially when it comes to higher value properties. Before adding a swimming pool, there are a few things you should consider: What kind of pool is best suited for your property? Will the current housing market allow you to recoup the money you have invested when it comes time to sell? How does your home rate compared to others in the area and what effect will the addition of a pool have? If no-one in your neighbourhood has a pool, you may not recoup the cost of adding one when you sell as the average property price won’t include the cost of a pool, which can require a significant investment. The second point is whether you and your family will get significant use of the pool. If the addition is for health and leisure, the value of the pool may be recouped simply through the enjoyment you receive from it before selling.”

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