Air pollution in parts of town is ‘concerning’

Several parts of Rugby have been identified as pollution hot spots
Several parts of Rugby have been identified as pollution hot spots

The areas surrounding two popular pubs have been identified as having higher than average levels of air pollution.

he Dun Cow at Dunchurch crossroads and the William Web Ellis in Corporation Street were recorded as having higher than average levels of nitrogen dioxide.

An air quality report, compiled by Rugby Borough Council, stated that the main cause of the air pollution was traffic on busy or congested roads near to where people live and work.

County and borough councillor, Howard Roberts, is calling for action to reduce the readings. He said the air quality could be further affected by new housing developments planned on Ashlawn Road.

“I am really very concerned that the crossroads in Dunchurch is currently experiencing high levels of a potentially very dangerous gaseous compound,” he said.

“Residents in Dunchurch view this area as the centre of our village, yet now we are being told it could be a health hazard to spend time here.

“I am very concerned that every time school children walk to school or the commuters wait for a bus they are inhaling pollutants without knowing the consequences.”

Cllr Roberts said he intends to question whether building more houses in and around Dunchurch is sustainable at the next council meeting, as he fears increased traffic could increase the nitrogen dioxide levels.

Cllr Roberts added: “Not only is the current situation unacceptable but the problem will only be exacerbated by the proposed developments on Rugby Road, Ashlawn Road and Coventry Road.

“We must use this evidence to focus minds of the Conservative members of the planning committee who seem happy to wave through developments that are damaging our beautiful village.”

Rugby Borough Council has stated it intends to increase the air quality monitoring systems around the revised gyratory system as a ‘precautionary measure’.

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