Albino squirrel is still all white

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Draycote Water’s albino squirrel has been captured on camera again.

This time the elusive white rodent was snapped by Ian and Vicki Rogers as they enjoyed a visit to the reservoir on Bank Holiday Monday.

“I thought it was a white rat until I saw its long bushy tail,” said Ian, a retired sound mixer.

“We watched it eating peanuts on one of the bird feeders for about 15 minutes. Its pink eyes and pink ears were clearly visible. This is the first albino squirrel I’ve ever seen. I’m 67 now so I doubt if I’ll see another one.”

Albino squirrels are incredibly rare in the UK. It is estimated that there are more than five million grey squirrels in the country.

Only one in every 100,000 is born albino, meaning there is only around 50 in the whole of Great Britain at any one time.