Alex puts team through paces

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A little boy from Long Lawford who has juvenile arthritis put adults through their paces at a special class at the weekend.

Alex Martin, six, has been on a daily dose of ibuprofen, paracetomol and steroids since he was diagnosed.

But he enjoyed holding a fitness class at Winfield Recreation Ground in Rugby on Saturday in association with Military Fitness Circuits and helped raise £350 for charity.

The Long Lawford Primary School pupil was first diagnosed at the age of just two, after being very ill and unable to stand and walk for six months.

Alex’s mum Lynda said: “Alex started showing symptoms when he was just 18 months.

“We take things day by day.”

Initially the professionals hoped to reduce his daily drugs regime after six months, but three years on his condition is still severe enough to require daily steroids.

Since diagnosis brave Alex has spent two Easters, two birthdays and one Christmas in hospital.

He often has joint injections where he is put under general anaesthetic and has steroids injected directly into his painful joints.

The injections are meant to last up to ten months but generally after a few weeks his have worn off. He goes to hospital every two weeks for an infusion and has weekly chemotherapy injections.

The arthritis has even affected his eyes and he now has glasses and cataracts in both eyes.

Gavin Daniels, who is a lead instructor at Military Fitness, said: “We think Alex is an amazing little boy and a real inspiration to everyone.

“Despite all he has been through he is still the happiest boy around and brings a smile to everyone he meets. He never moans and sadly counts hospital as his second home.

“The money raised from the special class will go towards charities that support children like him.”