All memories are cruelly stolen in £20,000 raid

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A CANCER survivor who has spent the past few months raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity is devastated after his Rugby home was ransacked by heartless thieves who stole around £20,000 of his belongings.

James Golding arrived home in Lower Hillmorton Road on Friday night to find that it had been broken into.

Among the items stolen were his laptop, TV, Playstation 3 and two designer watches. James’s car was also stolen during the burglary and has since been found in Cromwell Road, but is badly damaged.

James, who is due to be a father for the first time in September, said: “They completely ransacked everything.

“They even rifled though my unborn baby’s things.

“I don’t think I’d have anything to say to the type of person who can do this. They have no compassion whatsoever.”

James has estimated that around £20,000 of his belongings were stolen and to make matters worse he isn’t covered by any insurance.

He said: “Over the last 18 months I’ve been spending all my time and money taking part in fundraisers. Contents insurance for the house was another £30 to £40 a month that I didn’t have.”

In the last few years James was diagnosed with cancer but battled against the disease against all odds and has helped raised more than £300,000 for cancer charities.

He said: “The laptop that has been stolen had every part of my life on it since my recovery. All my blogs, photos from Cycle Across America and diary and now it’s all gone. They even took my A4 notebook which I’ve scribbled all my thoughts on for the last 18 months. I might as well start my recovery again.”

Police are looking into possible links between this burglary and another in Norton Leys on the same night in which car keys, a Playstation 2, two laptops, mobile phone and digital camera were stolen.

Witnesses or anyone with information can call police on (01926) 415000.