An end to ‘Drugby’?

John Logue
John Logue

POLICE have hailed the breaking up of a drugs ‘army’ in Rugby as another victory in the war on crime.

Thousands of pounds of Class A drugs were taken off the streets when the major dealing operation was busted.

And senior investigating officer Detective Inspector Mark Davison said the crackdown would continue.

“I know the town is known as Drugby and we want to help get rid of that. The operation does not stop here,” he said.

Operation Frittenden started in May 2010 and targeted an organised crime group based in Rugby, which was headed by John Logue.

During the 18-month investigation, it became clear that Logue controlled a number of dealers in the Rugby area and used them to both supply or collect drugs for him, all of which were then supplied onto the streets of Rugby.

Det Insp Davison said: “Over £75,000 worth of Class A and Class B drugs were recovered, the majority of which had come from Nottingham, Oldham, Sheffield and Wolverhampton. Logue used people as couriers, getting them to bring him drugs from other areas and into Rugby.

Des Insp Davison said: “He was running a number of people, an army, and he started to lose his army. It started to dismantle and he had nobody left to run drugs around for him.”

Des Insp Davison said even after he was caught, Logue tried to organise drug running from his cell in Redditch.

He said: “This operation was a complex investigation and a large number of officers from a number of different departments were involved throughout. It was hugely effective and we are really pleased with the results.

“This operation, along with the recent Operation Laser, will have a dramatic effect on Rugby.”

The last of the remaining members involved in the gang have now been sentenced.

“This brings the total the gang has been sentenced to to 100 years and ten months,” said DI Davison, who is based at the police headquarters in Leek Wootton.

“We are delighted at these sentences.”

He added: “Warwickshire Police will continue to target anybody involved in organised crime and will use every available resource and investigative tactic to ensure they are brought to justice.”

The final four members of the gang were were sentenced at Northampton Crown Court last Wednesday to a total of 12 years and two months. Seven others, including Logue, 34, were jailed just before Christmas.

Khurum Janjua, 31, from Lawford Road, Rugby, was sentenced to three years nine months for conspiring to supply cocaine.

Guy Alan Payne, 29, from Main Street, Newton, was sentenced to three years and three months for conspiring to supply cocaine.

Ivan Barker, 44, from Boughton Road, Rugby, was sentenced to two years six months for conspiring to supply cocaine.

Shane Bird, also 44 and from Nottingham, was sentenced to two years eight months for conspiring to supply amphetamine.

On Thursday 22 December, seven more members of the gang were found guilty at Birmingham Crown Court of involvement in serious and organised crime in Warwickshire, and were sentenced the following day to a total of 85 years in custody.

Among those found guilty in December following the six week trial were John Russell Logue who received jail sentences of 38 years for four counts of conspiracy to supply heroin (nine year sentence), cocaine (11 year sentence), amphetamine (five year sentence) and a second charge of cocaine (13 year sentence).

The sentences will run concurrently, meaning he will serve 13 years in prison.

The prosecutions follow an 18 month operation by Warwickshire Police into the Rugby based organised crime group, headed up by Logue.

During the 18 months Operation Frittenden, the investigation into the Rugby based gang, was running, a total of 24 people were arrested, £75,000 of Class A drugs was recovered, including crack cocaine, heroin, cocaine, fluroamphetamine, amphetamine and cannabis.

A sawn off shot gun was also recovered together with debilitating spray, believed to be CS, body armour and equipment for processing Class A drugs.

Also sentenced last month were:

Anton Dimarino, 27, from Rugby, who was sentenced to ten years for conspiracy to supply heroin and possession of a section one firearm (a sawn off shotgun).

Luigi Licursi, 41, from Rugby, jailed for eight years for conspiracy to supply cocaine and heroin.

Kevin Rodgers, 38 from Rugby, jailed for six years for conspiracy to supply heroin and cocaine

Alan Bailey, 62, from Rugby jailed for a total of five years for conspiracy to supply fluroamphetamine.

Anthony Ramsey, 27, from Wolverhampton jailed for eight years for conspiracy to supply heroin

Russell Kirby, 34, from Rugby, was jailed for ten years for conspiracy to supply cocaine and heroin

Michael Cash, 27, from Doncaster, has already received a jail sentence for 16 month imprisonment, after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply amphetamine, at an earlier date.

Rachid Harkourk, 55, from Nottingham was sentenced to 28 months, after he pleaded guilty to supplying amphetamine at an earlier hearing.