Anger at Rugby Facebook post in wake of Paris attacks

The Facebook post that sparked the controversy. It has since been removed.
The Facebook post that sparked the controversy. It has since been removed.

A Rugby hypnotherapist who said he would refuse to work with Muslims after the terrorist attacks in Paris has removed the comment from his Facebook page.

Christian Bell, who runs Rugby Hypnotherapy in Newbold on Avon, posted the controversial comment on Tuesday, sparking an angry response online.

It stated: “I’m sorry to say this, but after the Paris atrocities, I’m not prepared to treat any client of a Muslim background - English or not.

“I’m so incensed that I would not be professional. I choose my clients to be the best to work with and succeed, but for the moment, my security and country come first.”

Mr Bell has since removed the post and said he will continue to treat members of the Muslim community.

He told the Advertiser: “Following the Paris atrocity, I did make a comment on Facebook, simply exercising my freedom of speech. However, the same refusal would result from anyone who turned up late, drunk, on drugs, or in need of a good wash.

“The post has now been removed. I have nothing whatsoever against Muslims at all, merely anyone who feels that killing is justified in “The Name of” (insert cause/religion). There was nothing racist or hate-related at all.”

Mr Bell added: “I will continue to treat Muslims as I’ve got no problem with the community. I do admit the comment was made when I was very angry at my fellow man. Even therapists can get upset.”

The post was brought to the Advertiser’s attention by Sam Brookes, a British Muslim who lives in Essex.

Sam, 49, had seen the post after it was shared by one of her friends who was upset by it.

She said: “What happened in Paris was awful and this 
is a time for people to unite
not separate.

“It was absolutely vile and I think it was wrong to post it, especially from a business page.”

A spokesman for Warwickshire Police confirmed officers had launched an investigation into a social media post in the area.

He said: “We cannot confirm individual investigations but we can confirm we have received reports about a Facebook post from Warwickshire and we are investigating.”

A 43-year-old woman from Bicester was arrested and bailed this week by Thames Valley Police after posting on Facebook that she would no longer be taking bookings from anyone of ‘Islamic faith’ at her beauty salon.