Anger over increased parking charges at Rugby train station

Annual parking charges at Rugby train station have increased by 33.4 per cent
Annual parking charges at Rugby train station have increased by 33.4 per cent

Commuters in Rugby are angry about an increase in car parking charges for a facility they say is full by 8am most days.

Rugby Rail Users Group (RRUG) has been hearing from passengers who find all the station car parks full by 8am on weekdays.

Now a meeting is taking place in Rugby with representatives from Virgin Trains on Wednesday, March 11.

Debbie Williams, who uses the train, said: “The cost of a season ticket to London is now over £8,000, with the car parking going up so much it may well price some people out of a job.

“The annual car parking charge at Rugby Train Station has gone up from £551 to £735, a £184 increase. That is 33.4 per cent.”

She said it’s too much of an increase in one go.

Debbie added: “At what point will Virgin Trains stop increasing the car parking? Are we to see rises of this magnitude year in year out?”

The meeting will be held at the Claremont Centre, Clifton Road at 7.15 for 7.30pm, and is open to all RRUG members. Non-members can join RRUG on the door.

Speaking about the meeting, RRUG chair Stephanie Clifford said: “When the new five-storey car park opened in 2009, many people doubted that it would ever be full.

“Now, with the growth of Rugby and slight improvements in the economy, we are seeing all car park signs showing full before 8am.

“We know that Virgin Trains has been looking at this issue, so it will be good to hear their plans.”

Virgin Trains says it has undertaken a review of car parking charges across its stations.

As a result, the daily rate at Rugby has increased from £5 to £6 – a rise it says is reflected in its season tickets. The company says posters informing passengers about the rise have been displayed since December 2014 at the station along with stickers in booking office windows .

A spokesman said: “The fees at Rugby have not increased for five years and are significantly below that charged by competing car parks in the area.”

Responding to concerns about capacity, the spokesman added: “Of the 777 spaces at Rugby, 100 per cent are full Monday to Thursday, creating difficulties for rail passengers who want to park and ride.

“We are committed to providing a positive car parking experience for our passengers and are working to improve and enhance our car parks with a focus on initiatives such as pre-bookable parking and expansion plans where required.”