Anne says goodbye to Lawrence Sheriff

Pictured: Anne Bolger.
Pictured: Anne Bolger.
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THE rigours of maths and the whims of the heart may seldom seem compatible.

But they have led Anne Bolger through a colourful career that has involved teaching in almost every sort of school imaginable.

And she admits to feeling “a little weepy” at the prospect of saying goodbye to Lawrence Sheriff School, from where she will retire this week.

Anne said: “I’ll be sad to go.

“I started at what had been a boys’ grammar school, so being here has seemed like coming full circle.”

Anne’s career began 33 years ago at a large comprehensive in Sussex. Along the way, she has taught in a small independent school, a French school in London, a public school and a referral unit for expelled children. She joined Lawrence Sheriff two years ago.

Anne added:: “I never had a career plan - I’ve always gone with my gut intuition. I’ve been very lucky that what I’ve needed has always come along.”

And she envisages that pattern continuing.

“I’m going to do things on and off for the rest of my life”, she said.