Another shortage of processed water in Rugby prompts questions over town's expansion

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Latest news.

Last weekend saw some Rugbeians once again left with low water pressure or with no water at all - prompting residents to question how Severn Trent plans to deal with the town's expansion.

Severn Trent, which provides the town’s water, said the recent hot weather has caused demand for water to outstrip supply.

When asked by this newspaper how they planned to cope with the town’s expansion given the present issues that increased demand for water has caused, they said they are not a ‘statutory consultee’ on Local Plan matters.

Severn Trent previously told the Advertiser that, although there is plenty of water in nearby Draycote Water, water was being used faster than it could be processed and put into the network.

Despite Severn Trent adding an extra 300 million litres into the network every day, the issues appear to have persisted.

Readers told the Advertiser that the supply issues were making them increasingly concerned as to how the water network would cope with the town’s rapid expansion.

When the Advertiser asked Severn Trent what, if any, plans are in place to cater for large scale housing developments in the town and the thousands of homes that the Local Plan will likely bring, a spokesperson said: “When it comes to planning new developments we’re not a statutory consultee.

“We work hard to make sure everyone has the water they need and during this hot spell we’ve been producing an extra 300 million litres every day to keep people going.”

This latest incident, which affected residents mostly on Sunday July 8, comes after supply issues on Thursday June 28 – although residents told the

Advertiser that there have been additional supply problems in the area in recent weeks.

The water provider asked residents to be mindful of their water use to ease pressure on the network during hot weather. The advice includes avoiding the use of garden sprinklers, having showers rather than baths and, if you must clean your car, using a bucket and sponge rather than a hose.