Ant and Dec visit Rugby Dog Training Club

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ANT and Dec dropped by Rugby Dog Training Club earlier this month to film part of their Saturday night show, Push the Button.

The prime-time television show hired head trainer Mary Ray to teach the show’s contestants how to lead dogs through an obstacle course. After a day’s filming in Rugby Dog Training Club, the contestants – along with Ant, Dec and Mary – visited Crufts to put their new skills through their paces in front of 9,000 spectators.

Mary said: “I think the look on Ant and Dec’s faces and the competitors’ when they walked into the arena told the whole story.

“I remember Dec said, ‘oh dear, it is really big’ and both competitors looked horrified. It was obvious the producers did not want it to be an easy run for the competitors as there was £20,000 at stake.”

She explained: “Miraculously, all the filming at Crufts and a whole day’s filming in Rugby was condensed into less than ten minutes’ footage and it was a really, really good piece of television and really well edited.”

“Anyone who is under the impression these things are fixed couldn’t be further from the truth. We couldn’t tell one competitor how the other had got on and they were kept apart the whole time when they were under instruction.”