Arrests made in police operation

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WARWICKSHIRE Police has made 19 arrests for burglary in the past five weeks since reviving Operation Crunch.

The operation, now in its third phase, has been very successful in the past tackling serious acquisitive crime and was re-launched in May following an increase in burglaries throughout the county.

Last year there was an average of 5.5 burglaries a day in Warwickshire and, before Operation Crunch began, this had risen to an average of seven a day.

Chief Superintendent Mak Chishty said: “The chances of a Warwickshire home being burgled are, statistically, very low but seven burglaries a day is seven too many. It means seven households harmed and seven streets or locations put in fear of crime.

“We have revived Operation Crunch to halt this current trend before it has chance to escalate, and we are already seeing excellent results.

“We have dedicated teams working with partners and the communities to identify and target known offenders, using intelligence to track them down and policing powers to bring them to justice.

“There is a relatively small number of criminals causing a disproportionate amount of harm and our message to them is we know who you are and we will find you. We will not tolerate this criminal activity in Warwickshire.

“Regular patrols are being carried out targeting areas where burglars are believed to be active and, as we know that most burglars are either caught at the scene or in the near vicinity, we are responding quickly to all incidents to increase the chance of catching the offenders.

“Operation Crunch is once again proving to be very successful and I am confident that this will continue.”

Arrests so far:

In the Rugby area, two 18 year old men and a 17 year old male have been arrested in connection to burglary offences in Rugby and Leamington. They have been released on police bail pending further investigations.