Ashlawn Road housing plans ‘could put lives in danger’

Traffic (stock image)
Traffic (stock image)
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Campaigners opposing a new housing development monitored traffic in the area during rush hour – and believe it could put lives in danger.

Members of Stop Ashlawn Road Development said if proposals to build 860 homes were approved, extra traffic could endanger the safe walking route for Ashlawn School pupils.

SARD members and supporters gathered at a pedestrian crossing in Ashlawn Road during rush hour on Monday morning.

They displayed banners to draw drivers’ attention to the planning application and put up notices at the locations of a proposed new roundabout and T-junction.

Borough councillor Bill Lewis said: “Information given in the planning application submitted by David Wilson Homes shows that there will be two new road accesses from the proposed estate onto Ashlawn Road and that traffic along Ashlawn Road will increase by a quarter at peak travel times.

“There is already congestion along Ashlawn Road during the morning and evening rush hours and this will get worse in future if the development is given the go ahead.”

If approved, the two new accesses would be a large roundabout between the Bilton Fields Farm junction and the Pegasus crossing and a priority T-junction about 200m beyond the crossing towards the Barby Road junction. Cllr Lewis said: “Both of these will delay traffic movements along Ashlawn Road and will cut across the safe walking route for pupils walking or cycling to Ashlawn School.”

He claimed that actions taken by SARD showed drivers using Ashlawn Road at rush hour what traffic conditions would be like.

Carrick Casson-Crook, strategic land director for David Wilson Homes, said the homes will benefit the local economy through investment in jobs and by significantly increasing expenditure.