Ashlawn School pupils try to launch Endangered Species UK Day

Mark Pawsey with pupils at Ashlawn School
Mark Pawsey with pupils at Ashlawn School

Students at Ashlawn School in Rugby are working to launch the first Endangered Species Day in the UK.

Students are teaming up with Blackfen School for Girls, in the London Borough of Bexley, to help deliver the event which would be the second of its kind in the world.

Year 8 pupils have been learning about endangered animals during their Citizenship lessons and many were shocked by the recent statistics released by World Wildlife Fund.

They were surprised to learn that only 880 African elephants exist, 70 Amur leopards exist and that mankind is causing animals such as orangutans to lose their homes.

On Friday, December 11 the students arranged to meet and lobby Rugby’s MP Mark Pawsey to gain his support for the establishment of an Endangered Species Day. Students gave ten presentations, received feedback from Mr Pawsey and then followed with a question and answer session.

Mr Pawsey was impressed by the effort and passion demonstrated by all students involved.

“The animals were very well researched and the arguments for an Endangered Species Day were well thought out,” he said.

“I have learnt a lot from the presentations, with some of the statistics of certain species left being quite shocking.

“It is obvious that it is down to mankind’s activity that some of these animals are at risk and I will now be able to contribute more to the debate on these issues in Parliament due to the information I have gathered today.”

Mr Pawsey has now challenged the students to continue the momentum and spread the message that more needs to be done to protect animals.

Students will be writing letters in the following weeks to Government departments, sympathetic celebrities and charities to see if they can encourage them to get behind the case for Endangered Species Day UK.