Australian family to spend Christmas in their Harborough Magna home amid fears of deportation

An Australian family living in Harborough Magna are “happy and relieved” to be spending Christmas together after they feared they would be kicked out of the country over visa issues.

Andrew Puchy, his wife Audra, and their 12-year-old son William, are still battling to stay in their home after missing the application deadline due to a serious accident.

Audra, William and Andrew Puchy

Audra, William and Andrew Puchy

Andrew, who owns a business that makes plastic mouldings in Warwick, flew to Australia last year for a short business trip.

While there, the 55-year-old slipped on the pavement and shattered his knee cap, leaving him needing extensive surgery and unable to fly.

“I knew I needed to get back to the UK to sort out the paperwork for our application,” Andrew said.

“We’ve lived here since 2008 and we decided to apply for permanent residency, but my doctor told me I could die if I flew all the way back and it wasn’t worth risking my life,” he said.

The Home Office rejected the Puchy family’s application because it was late.

They appealed, citing exceptional circumstances, but were rejected again.

The family are continuing to fight to stay in the country and hope to get a decision in the new year.

William, a talented musician, is performing at two Christmas concerts tonight.

The video above shows him warming up outside the Clock Towers Shopping Centre ahead of the concerts at a school in Rugby.

Mr Puchy said: “We’re really happy and relieved that we can spend Christmas here all together.

“William loves to play, he’s in his element. We wanted to come out and spread a bit of festive cheer and hopefully tell people a bit about our petition too.”

Hundreds of people have supported the Puchy family’s battle to stay in the UK, including Rugby MP Mark Pawsey.

For more information and to sign the petition, go to