Australian woman jailed for car crash which killed Rugby man

A Rugby family have spoken out following the sentencing of a pregnant woman found responsible for the death of  26-year-old charity worker Jamie Dumbleton in Australia.

Wednesday, 31st January 2018, 2:11 pm
Updated Wednesday, 31st January 2018, 2:17 pm
Jamie Dumbleton.

In May 2016 Jamie’s work colleague, Rebecca Lee Greatley, drove through a stop sign in South Australia and into the path of an oncoming vehicle – she was found to have been high on cannabis.

The crash killed Jamie who was spending time in Australia, while two charity workers, Lauren Canciani and Dylan O’Donnell-Middleton, were left injured.

Jamie was working for a fundraising agency in Adelaide and helped to raise an impressive $175,000 (around £97,000) for good causes during his time there.

After 20 months of legal proceedings Greatley was sentenced to almost two years – meaning she is likely have her new-born taken from her in prison.

Jamie’s brother, Danny Dumbleton, 25, said the family felt justice has not been thoroughly served.

He said Greatley appeared to show no remorse for her actions and he alleges she manipulated the legal system so she could ‘buy more time’ - this included sacking multiple lawyers and getting pregnant.

Danny added: “We’ve had 20 months of being stuck in limbo before her sentencing, and she will serve 22 months in prison, I don’t feel like justice has been done. She showed no remorse or dignity.”

When asked what he would say to Greatley were he given the opportunity, he said: “I wouldn’t waste my breath on her.”

He paid tribute to his older brother, who would have celebrated his 28th birthday today, January 31.

He said Jamie was an athlete, prankster and he was hard-working and caring.

Jamie’s mum, Angie Dumbleton said: “It has been 20 months since two police officers came to our door to tell us Jamie had been killed.

“The nightmare of that day will live with us forever. Since then our lives have been in limbo. Although our daily lives have had to continue our thoughts are continuously with Jamie.

“Jamie loved Australia and couldn’t speak highly enough of the friendliness he was shown by people he met on his travels. He raised a great deal of money for a cancer charity that he was passionate about.

“The dream ended and the nightmare started the day Greatley got behind the wheel of the car after taking drugs. It was Jamie and her colleagues who paid the price.

“Greatley, from the moment she was arrested, has manipulated the justice system, showing a coldness and selfishness beyond compare.”

The family wish to thank Australian police for their kindness and support – particularly Brevet Sergeant Julian Knights and Commissioner of Victim Rights, Michael O’Connell.