Avon Valley pupils will reflect on the bombing of Coventry in special assembly

Avon Valley School
Avon Valley School

Staff and students at Avon Valley School will be reflecting on the bombing of Coventry in a special assembly.

On the night of November 14/15 over 500 Luftwaffe aircraft took off from their bases in France to bomb the city as part of Operation Moonlight Sonata. The raid, the largest up to that point in the war, claimed over 500 lives and destroyed much of the city, including the mediaeval cathedral.

Following the raid, Nazi propaganda officials coined a new word: ‘Coventrate’, which means to destroy by heavy bombing.

On November 11, all students will join together for an assembly, which will feature student readings, performances, the last post and a two-minute silence.

Following the assembly, students will contribute to the creation of a large remembrance wall to commemorate those who lost their lives during the Coventry Blitz in November 1940. The students will use research about individual victims to produce an item of remembrance to commemorate each person. The students will also learn about Coventry’s defences and reflect upon the aftermath of the raid.

Headteacher Alison Davies said: “As a school we feel it is very important to pause and reflect upon the sacrifice made by so many people.

“Every student wears their poppy with pride and takes part in the assembly and remembrance activities. This year, on its 75th anniversary we are reflecting on the destruction and loss of life in Coventry.”