Avon Valley School pupils show bankers the way with new branch

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STUDENTS at Avon Valley School in Rugby are cashing in on a business idea.

The Newbold Road school has set up a bank, with a little help from Alison Bearpark, Jas Shocker and Sue Wood from NatWest Rugby branch.

It forms part of NatWest’s MoneySense For Schools programme, and aims to help the students understand more about the basics of running a bank account and managing their money.

Don O’Neill, headteacher at Avon Valley School, said: “It’s very important our students gain basic money management and enterprise skills, and setting up, running, and using their own bank is an extremely practical and fun way of doing this.

“It brings to life what happens in real life.”

He added: “We would like to thank Jas, Sue and NatWest for helping make this happen.”

Jas Shocker from the NatWest MoneySense team said: “The importance of financial capability for young people cannot be underestimated, as it’s essential they are equipped with the skills and confidence required to make decisions in adult life.

“The students who have been selected to run the School Bank have shown great interest and have been very keen to learn the new skills.

“I’m delighted that NatWest has been able to help The Avon Valley School ensure their students will be better prepared for the time when they have to manage their own finances and I look forward to continuing to work with them.”