Award-winning author launches new library in Long Buckby

Stuart opens the new library.
Stuart opens the new library.

Children at Long Buckby Infant School have started an exciting new chapter thanks to the refurbishment of their library.

Friends of the school donated £5,000 towards the library, which is packed with books and colourful displays.

It was officially opened last Wednesday by award-winning author Stuart Reid.

Stuart treated the children to a reading assembly, where he kept them enthralled as he talked about his books and the ideas behind the stories.

Accompanied with a series of amusing slides, the characters and chapters from the books were brought to life by the children and teachers.

Sarah Dugdale, Headteacher, said: “I am so grateful to the Friends of Long Buckby Infant School for giving the children the experience of a real life author in school.

“It was such a fantastic day with lots of learning, laughter and loopiness!

“The children and adults had so much fun and Stuart really brought writing to life.”

Each year group were then treated to a creative writing workshop from Stuart, where they learned how to create a story using three steps - plot, setting and characters.

The children’s ideas were ignited and they looked at the use of powerful opening sentences, descriptive words and how cliffhangers hook the reader.

Towards the end of the workshop Stuart and the children created a story together.

Children said they loved their new library.

They said: “It looks very colourful and very different.

“There are lots of new and exciting books,”

The library and the visit from Stuart has inspired some of the children to put pen to paper in the hope of becoming top authors.

Stuart said: “It was a really good day.”