Baby born at 23 weeks weighing 1lb 1oz: Rugby dad up for award

Sylvia and Thomas with baby Lucas
Sylvia and Thomas with baby Lucas

A Rugby dad has been nominated for an award by his wife after their baby nearly died after being prematurely born at just 23 weeks.

Thomas Moore, 33, could win a Tommy Award for the commitment and support he showed after Lucas came into the world early.

He was nominated by wife Sylvia, 30, for his unrelenting support during the 109 days their baby spent in Neonatal Intensive Care at University Hospital in Coventry.

Sylvia had already had a previous early miscarriage when pregnant with quads, and during her next pregnancy with baby Lucas her waters broke at just 22 weeks.

Lucas was born on August 28 2013 at 23 weeks weighing just 1lb 1oz.

Sylvia said: “Every time I was down, Thomas was strong for me and lifted me up.

“He always found a way of helping me, and a way of helping Lucas - he encouraged our 23-weeker to keep fighting.”

It was two weeks before Thomas could hold him outside the incubator.

Lucas had eight blood transfusions, numerous infections, laser eye surgery, jaundice, chronic lung disease, and bleeds on both sides of the brain. He was ventilated for over six weeks. but Sylvia and Thomas visited hospital every day.

After being told that he could have cerebral palsy and visual impairment, the bleeds on Lucas’ brain resolved themselves and incredibly Lucas is unscathed from his early birth, other than being short-sighted.

He is now 16 months old and is doing well.

Thomas said: “Our baby was in a box and at the mercy of infections and everything else. That meant the little things we could do became so important.

“ It was great to see Lucas getting bigger and stronger every week.

“It’s the hardest thing Sylvia and I have ever had to get through, but it’s made us stronger.”

The winner of the Tommy Award will be announced in March.