Back Your Boozer: watch the world go by from the Webb Ellis

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It’s often said Rugby doesn’t take advantage of its status as the birthplace of the game - but one place that does is the aptly-named Webb Ellis pub on the gyratory system.

During the Six Nations the pub’s been doing a roaring trade with rugby fans, who come to the appropriately-named pub whose walls are adorned with rugby memorabilia.

Other big draws for the family-owned pub are its Sunday dinners and its numerous sports teams - including no fewer than five darts teams, its football team and several of the town’s poker players who use it as their base. The home made food’s got a good reputation and there are good offers throughout the week.

Although it’s too cold right now to take advantage of it, the area in front of the pub is the ideal place to sit and unwind during lazy summer afternoons and evenings.

The name on the licence is Karen Owen, who runs the pub with her husband, Derek. He said: “I’d describe the Webb Ellis as a town centre pub that has a real community feel to it.

“Like most places in the town centre we do have a different clientèle depending what day of the week it is, but we’re lucky to have a large number of regulars who come here during the week. They’re a friendly bunch and we’re lucky to have them.”

It’s not clear how long the pub’s been on the corner of Lawford Road and Corporation Street but Derek believes at some point in the last 25 years it was called the Pantheon.

He said: “We took it over seven years ago and were given the task of trying to run it at a profit and to do so we encouraged people to use the pub as their base for darts and other social teams. But then being where it is, we also see plenty of new faces each week, so there’s always a welcoming atmosphere.”

A recent boost for the Webb Ellis has been the launch of a Flares revival evening - attracting clientèle of the former Flares nightclub located on the corner of Sheep and Lawrence Sheriff Street which closed some years ago. Although the pub is busy hosting birthday celebrations for the next three weekends, the Flares revival nights will be back later this spring.

Meal deals include two courses for £8 in the week, three courses for £9.99 on Friday evenings and two courses for £6 on Saturdays. To find out more about events, search for the pub on Facebook.