Bag snatcher strikes in Clock Towers store

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A PENSIONER had her purse taken last Tuesday in Clock Towers’ Bonmarche store.

Margaret Lofthouse, known as Peggie, was the latest victim in a spate of bag thefts that was reported on the Advertiser’s front page last week. Mrs Lofthouse lost £60, her bank cards, bus pass and batteries for her hearing aid. She believes the purse was discretely snatched from her while she queued up at the store’s till.

She said: “The money that was taken was to be spent on food for the next two weeks but the thief has also got away with several personal mementos which cannot be replaced.

“I feel so sorry for the other two ladies who have been victims. They have suffered in the same way and they must feel the same as I do - devastated.

“We are all feeling financial hardship but to steal from one another is despicable.”

The police have said no one has been arrested in connection with the incidents and have reminded people to be vigilant.

A spokesman said: “People should carry their bag close to their body, preferably on the side of your body furthest from the road. Do not carry large amounts of personal information in your handbag and keep credit and debit cards separate. Never carry your card PIN numbers with your cards in your bag.”